Nail salons are a fast growing business

In the UK, nail salons are very popular. There were 3,517 registered salons as of 2019, which was an increase of fifty-six percent over five years. The popularity of beauty treatments continues to grow, and now Oundle has its very own nail salon.

Saifon Ibotson and Joy Pulaikao opened Rosetta Nail on St Osyth’s Lane in March. The salon provides services such as manicures, pedicures, French nails, gels, BIAB and nail extensions.

The Oundle salon is popular, gets rave reviews, and is booked days in advance. This success is no surprise. When I visited the salon to get a set of French nails, I was welcomed into a warm and happy place.

Their most popular treatment is classy-looking gel nails, which have the benefit of being long-lasting and chip-resistant. Classy, simple and elegant. As Saifon said, “Most women want to get their nails done. They want to look glamorous, they want to look good.”

The first Rosetta Nail and Beauty salon opened in Daventry a year before the pandemic struck, and the store had to close. Although Covid had a huge impact on all kinds of businesses, they managed to reopen and even extend their brand to their second location in Oundle. They use the platform Fresha for clients to make appointments.

Saifon moved to the UK nineteen years ago with her English husband, with whom she has raised her family. When I asked Saifon about their future plans for the nail business, she spoke about ambitions far beyond Oundle. She described some of the ongoing limitations that many Asian women have to deal with.

“So many Asian women are married to European men, they come to Europe and take up jobs in catering, massages, cleaning or care. But the thing is, some women, when they get married, are not allowed by their husbands to go out to work. These women are not able to leave the home to work and earn some money, so they have to wait for their husbands to give them some money. Because this has happened in my life, I know exactly how it feels,” Saifon said.

“Why don’t we do something like give someone else a chance? Like the chance we have.” Her long-term ambition is to open a beauty school in Thailand to teach women the skills to become nail technicians. With a certificate in nail technology, women can do nails at home and earn money whilst juggling childcare.

In the meantime, their skills in Oundle’s salon are welcomed. The Rosetta Nail salon is a great addition to the business community, providing the women of Oundle with a service that is indulgent, and for many, a necessary beauty routine for personal well-being.

“When you do someone’s nails, and they appreciate it, and they are happy, you can put a smile on their face – this is my challenge,” said Saifon.

Sofya Meshechkova
June 2022