Police Beat

According to the latest crime data from Northamptonshire Police, there were 128 reported crimes in Oundle from January through March. The most common were violence and sexual offences, burglary and vehicle crimes.

Between 29th December and 3rd January, the number plate from a motor vehicle parked on Ashton Road was stolen.

At approximately 9am on Wednesday 5th January, a fatal collision occurred with a Black Ford Range Rover on Glapthorn Road. One pedestrian was killed.

On 11th January, a theft occurred from a motor vehicle in East Road. Three people slowed down to a halt next to the driver’s vehicle to tell her she had a flat tire. An accomplice stole her handbag from her boot whilst she was distracted. Both sped off.

On the late evening of 11th, a burglary occurred on Main Street, Fotheringhay. The suspects forced open the door to a brick shed and stole items from inside.

At about 2:30am on 17th January, Waitrose in East Road was targeted in an attempt to steal the shop’s cash machine. During the attempt, a bollard was cut from the shop front and the ATM was rammed with a 4×4 vehicle. At least three suspects were involved in the incident, though it was unsuccessful.

On the afternoon of 20th January, a road traffic collision was reported at Pavilion Drive. A driver parked their car unattended in the layby. Damage was sustained to the driver’s wing mirror, front bumper and headlight by an unknown driver.

Between 3:15pm and 3:30pm on 4th February, the sunroof of a vehicle parked in the Co-op was shattered by a stone thrown by a school pupil.

On the afternoon of 4th February, two females were involved in the theft of handbags and purses from shoppers in Rushden, Higham Ferrers and Oundle.

Between 6:00pm and 10:30am on 11th February and 12th February, the catalytic converter was stolen from a parked vehicle on Walcot Close.

Between 3pm on Friday, 11 February and 12.15pm on Saturday, 12 February, the catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on Springfield Road.

On the late evening of 20th February an outhouse building at the rear of a property in Church Street was broken into. Some damage was caused to the inside of the building and some fencing.

On 13th March, police who were called to a burglary in progress caught two men inside the former pumping station in Cotterstock Road. The door had been forced. Two men who are alleged to have had stolen property with them were arrested.

On the evening of 23rd March, the catalytic converter was stolen from a motor vehicle parked in the public parking at the side of the catholic church opposite Mill Hill

On April 13, a concerned NHW coordinator in the Lower Benefield area reported that a suspicious vehicle drove up to the rear of their property and the driver looked in windows. When confronted, the driver drove off. The vehicle was a small black hatchback with numbers 08 in a white round sticker on the front and on back.

Priyanka Menon
June 2022

A total of 130 crimes were reported in Oundle from September 2021 to March 2022. The most common type of crime is violence and sexual offenses, accounting for 35.3% of all crimes, consistent with the national statistic. Twenty-two percent of the crimes were reported at or near Wakerley Close.

Investigations for 62.3% of the crimes were completed. Of the 81 outcomes, four suspects were charged in court. 54.3% failed to identify a suspect. There are a number of reasons why Police did not prosecute a suspect, including a lack of evidence, a local resolution, and an investigation that was not in the public interest. It is also possible for action to be taken by another organization where data is no longer unavailable.

A total of four charged out of 130 crimes recorded indicate a yield rate of 3%, significantly lower than the national average of 7%. However, the percentage of cases where no suspects are identified in Oundle is 33.8%, lower than the national average of 36%. This suggests that the low proportion of crimes being brought to court in Oundle is more likely to be due to difficulties in gathering evidence. It is also possible that more local resolutions are taking place, reflecting a tight-knit community.

Cherry Yang
June 2022