LoveOundle Walking App

If you have ever wandered past one of Oundle’s historic landmarks and wondered about its story, now you can just go to the LoveOundle Walking Tour app and find the information at your fingertips.

When the government introduced the Welcome Back Fund in 2021 to support people returning safely to high streets, this gave the Oundle Town Council and the Oundle Business Association the opportunity to apply for funding for the Walking Tour app, designed to give an interactive outdoor experience which can be enjoyed individually or as part of a group.

The funding for the app came from Oundle Town Council, Oundle Business Association and the Welcome Back Fund. The app was developed by AT Creative, digital heritage interpretation consultants, specialising in developing multimedia and audio tour apps.

Oundle Town Council Communications Officer, Rebecca Webb said: “This tied in well with the joint redevelopment of the Oundle Info website into LoveOundle launching with a new brand and enhanced content.”

The app essentially provides a local expert to guide you around town and explain the points of interest. There is a selection of tour types to choose from depending on your interest, such as the one-hour Historic Town Trail Tour and the one-and-a-half-hour Tree Trail Tour. Pictures accompany the audio descriptions to help locate the points of interest. The content was written by former councillor Gwen Radcliffe, and Mayor Ian Clark provided the narration.

Using the phone’s GPS, the app guides users to points of interest and the audio description is automatically triggered once you are in sight of the point of interest. It also keeps track of what has been seen and what is still on the trail to be discovered. There is a suggested route available, but users can follow their own way around town.

The app took about four months to develop. “Now we know what to do, uploading new tours will be much quicker,” Rebecca said. “Pulling together the content about the points of interest, writing a short script, recording it and taking photos is the time-consuming bit.”

Future plans for developing the app include initial ideas such as a treasure hunt, pub tour, scandal tour, village tour by bike or car. Rebecca encourages local residents to get involved generating content. “The possibilities are endless, and we welcome suggestions, so please get in touch at with your ideas.”

Johannes Mynhardt
June 2022