Spotlight on The Posh

Peterborough United FC was promoted back to the Championship after an eight year stay in League One, finishing runner-up in the 2020-21 season. They now sit proudly in the second tier of football behind the famous English Premier League (EPL).

However, Peterborough has not been settling in well to life in the Championship and by the end of 2021 was placed 21st in the league out of 24. They are just above the relegation zone which is the bottom three. Reading F.C., a potential relegation rival of Peterborough United, was reported to have been deducted six points after breaching financial rules, which could place them in 19th place if it happens only one place above Peterborough.

On the other hand, the nearest Premier League club, Leicester City is doing well. They managed to finish fifth last year, which meant they qualified for the Europa League. Although they are currently sitting twelth for the 2021-22 season, they only need three points to be in sixth place. There are still 27 matches left to be played so there is plenty of time for them to catch up.

Leicester’s star striker, Jamie Vardy, has been doing very well this season. Despite his age of 34, he has so far scored seven goals in just eleven games. He is second in the race for the golden boot, outscoring some of the world’s best players such as Liverpool’s main men: Sadio Mane; England captain and MBE Harry Kane; Wolves’ star striker Raul Jimenez; and the person who many regard as the greatest of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, Peterborough United faces a tense battle to keep their position in the Championship League, which includes players such as former Chelsea captain Gary Cahill, Akinfenwa, Mitrovic and Callum Robinson.

The way it works is that the teams that finish top two in the Championship are automatically promoted to the Premier League and the four teams that finish below that enter a playoff system. The team that finished third plays the team that is sixth and the team that finished fourth plays against the fifth. This is done to give the team that finished highest the advantage.

They then compete in the semi-final where the teams play each other in two games. The aggregate score will decide who gets to the final. The final will then be played in a neutral venue with only one game to decide who wins. Penalties will be used to decide the winner if the game is a draw.

Yves Yuen
December 2021