Take a hike in Northamptonshire with fellow walkers

If walking in the countryside appeals to you, then consider joining the Facebook group “Northamptonshire Walks”. With contributions from over 27,000 other walkers there are many posts sharing scenic, and accessible walks across Northamptonshire. Many of the routes are also shared to the website “Northamptonshirewalks”.

The walks vary in length and difficulty, meaning that one can start slow and work up to longer and more challenging walks, or find that perfect route to just kickstart the day from the doorstep.

There are many fascinating places in Northamptonshire awaiting discovery. There is the haunted site of pagan ritual in Boughton, abbeys and churches, as well as many pubs.

For walkers looking to enjoy some company, members organise group walks every week ranging from four to eleven miles each.

In November, walks included the Harringworth Viaduct, Wansford “Dick Whittington”, Fotheringhay, and the lost village of Furtho where only a dovecote and Medieval church remain.

As little as ten minutes of daily walking can aid progression toward improved mood, particularly when surrounded by greenery. Moreover, walking can help alleviate the risk of joint pain, chronic diseases, fortify the immune system, and boost brainpower.

Matthew Atkin
December 2021