Speeding violations along A605 on the rise

Despite the lack of any speed cameras in Northamptonshire, the police do set up camera traps to catch speeding motorists. These camera traps are deployed around the county, including regular monitoring on the A605, a road notorious for its road traffic accidents. This data is available monthly online.

In September, 55 people were caught speeding on the A605, with the highest speed being 89 miles per hour in a 60 mph speed limit. Traffic police spent 2 hours 35 minutes in total monitoring traffic, so approximately one speeding offence was caught every three minutes.

In October, 81 people were caught speeding on the A605, where the police spent a total of 5 hours and 45 minutes. The highest speed recorded was 91 mph. There was one speeding offence recorded around every four minutes.

This does represent an increase in the frequency of traffic offences compared to our reports earlier this year when people were caught approximately every five minutes in April 2021. This might be due to increased traffic on the roads following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

Robert Brettle
December 2021