Police Beat

Since October last year, there has been an overall decrease in crime per month in North Northamptonshire. According to the latest available data from East Northants Police, crime levels reached their height this year in January, with there being 81 crimes reported that month. Since the summer months, Oundle has experienced a forty percent decrease in crime levels. 35 crimes were reported in June versus 21 in September.

Of these 21 crimes, seven were violent and sexual offences, three were anti-social behaviour crimes and three were criminal damage and arson crimes. This was a decline from the previous month of August, when there were eleven violent and sexual offences, three anti-social behaviour crimes and three shoplifting crimes. There was an exception in the increase in criminal damage and arson crimes from 0 in August to 3 in September.

Between 4pm Thursday 2 to 4 September, there was a reported theft from a motor vehicle that was parked on the intersection between New Road and Glapthorn Road. A mechanic checked the car after the warning lights were noticed to be on. The catalytic converter had been stolen. 

A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked on South Road between 10pm Thursday 30 September and 6am Friday 1 October.

Between 11:58pm Tuesday 21 September and 1:15am Wednesday 22 September there was an attempted burglary on Benefield Road. A vehicle came to a halt next to a property. Two men got out of the car and kicked the door of the house. Having been shouted at by a disturbed neighbour, the two men returned to the car and drove off. 

Tyres were slashed on a vehicle on New Road. This occurred at either 10:30pm Thursday 30 September or between 5:20am and 8am Friday 1 October.

Criminal damage occurred to a parked car on Church Street, 
Wadenhoe. This happened between 5pm Wednesday 20 October and 3:45pm Thursday 21 October.

A red 1957 Massey Ferguson 35 tractor was stolen from a field near Ashton. The incident occurred between 4pm Monday 1 November and 11:40am Tuesday November 2. Unknown offenders cut the chains on the gate to a field and drove the tractor into a nearby woodland area. 

Between 3:20pm and 3:45pm Wednesday 3 November, an
attempted burglary targeted a property on Gordon Road. Reports said that two men with foreign accents were banging on the front and rear doors, demanding access and trying door handles.

Between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday 25 November, a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked in South Road. 

Priyanka Menon
December 2021