Promoting bird habitats in home gardens

A local initiative to provide nestboxes for garden birds hopes to offset the decline of natural habitats and promote breeding species.

Over the past year’s lockdowns, Barny Dillarstone was rooted to his desk developing his new business startup. But he was also was engrossed by nesting birds outside his office window.

“I was keen to hatch (no pun intended) a plan to share this experience with others,” he said.

Garden birds in the UK face a variety of threats, loss of habitat, disease and predation to name a few. Sightings of common garden birds have fallen by four to six percent over the last three years. Barny says that everyone can make a big difference with small initiatives to promote wildlife. A bird box in the garden is good first step.

In October, Barny enlisted the help of staff and pupils at Oundle School’s Patrick Engineering Centre, where they built one hundred bird boxes, including owl and kestrel boxes. Barny offered the free boxes via Oundle Facebook pages and the response from residents was overwhelming.

The new bird homes will be installed in local gardens and monitored for activity in the spring.

“Next year, we’ll try and do 1000!” Barny said, hopefully.

December 2021