Police Beat

During the last year there have been fewer crimes across England, largely attributed to the lockdowns. Roché Security found that compared to 2019, there was a thirty-four percent decrease in residential burglaries.

In East Northants North, there have been twenty-six percent fewer crimes since May 2020. According to the latest available data from East Northants Police, thirty-three crimes were reported in Oundle in March 2021.

Between January 15-17 there was a car theft on Station Road.

On February 8, Oundle resident, Joshua Gull, punched a police officer in the head. PC Leo Clarke suffered a brain bleed and underwent surgery. Mr Gull was jailed for 1 year and 8 months. “On average there are 43 assaults on police officers per month.”

On February 10 and 11, a few people received text messages from a man called Adim, who claimed to be from a building society and wanted to talk about their security details. No one fell for the scam. It is strongly recommended not to give personal details to any unknown person or company.

Between February 5-12, Northamptonshire Police has received over 750 reports about Bitcoin-phishing fraud. People received emails with fake celebrity endorsements, luring the receiver into an investment scam. The provided links in the email were designed to steal money online.

On February 22, a 28-year-old who worked in Oundle died in a lethal car crash on the A427, between Oundle and Lower Benefield at about 2pm.

Between April 12-14, recurring malicious damage to a car parked on New Road was reported.

On the night of April 24-25, car number plates were stolen on Benefield Road.

Also between April 24-25, a catalytic converter was stolen from a car parked on South Road.

Sofya Meshechkova
May 2021