Police Beat

Four teenagers carrying an unloaded air rifle were spoken to by armed police on 15 June. They were seen carrying a firearm in the Station Road area and were then located by police in the St Osyth’s Lane area, near the Co-op.

On 9 July, a house on St Peter’s Road was burgled between 4.10pm and 5.55pm, and property was stolen.

Overnight on 4 August, a car on Millfields Road was broken into via the driver’s side door and items were stolen.

On August 19 at about 11.35pm, a gang of four offenders on two mopeds broke into Harpur’s jewellery shop on West Street, smashing the front windows with a sledgehammer. Glass cabinets were damaged and many items were stolen. A similar crime occurred in Uppingham and is believed to be linked to the same gang.

On 27 August in Barnwell, horse stables and a tack room were dismantled and stolen along with the horse and most of the horse’s tack and equipment.

An elderly woman on Bellamy Road was disturbed on 3 September by two men posing as water board engineers. They entered her house just after noon, distracted her and stole money.

Entry was gained by means unknown to a motor vehicle on the 13th September between 10pm Sunday and 6am Monday 14th September; items were stolen. The motor vehicle was parked in the vicinity of Church Street, Wadenhoe. Also, on Monday night, another vehicle on Church Street was robbed.

On 26 September, between 6.30pm and 8.00pm, two men called at a house on Gordon Road claiming to be police officers and are believed to have committed a distraction burglary.

Overnight on Saturday 3 October the catalytic converter was stolen from a car on Millfields Road.

On 9 October a vehicle in Prince George Drive was broken into and ransacked but nothing was reported missing.

Also on 9 October, a mugging ocurred in St Osyth’s Lane at 11.00pm. A man was approached by two men with a knife and was forced to hand over his phone and wallet and ordered to withdraw cash from the nearby cash machine.

Entry was gained to a motor vehicle parked on St Peter’s Road between 1am and 7am on Monday 12 October. Drawers inside the car had been opened, the front tyre was flat and the tire jack was stolen.

On 9.45pm on 13 November, three men jacked up a Toyota Prius parked on the house drive and removed the catalytic converter. Police have reported a ‘huge increase’ in the number of catalytic converter thefts across the UK since June 2020.

According to last available data provided by police, 43 crimes were reported in Oundle in September, up from 26 reported in August.

Sofya Meshechkova
1 December 2020