Police beat

Operation Snap has made its first conviction. The police undertaking allows people to upload dashcam footage of bad driving, and resulted in the conviction of a motorist who overtook a cyclist at 90mph. The man had his license revoked for six months and was fined £592 with surcharges of £59 to be paid to victim funds.

On the night of the 15 December, Designers, was burgled. The door was forced open and cash, an iPad, and other products were stolen. This crime occurred between 22:00 on the 15th and 8:00 the following morning.

Shoplifters were chased out of the Waitrose carpark on 16 December by staff and customers; they dropped all stolen goods. On 23 December a car windscreen was smashed whilst parked on Old School Avenue. 

Between 8 and 10 January a 14-foot tipper trailer was stolen from Ashton Wold. The police are requesting any information of suspicious activity.

A house on Ashton Road was burgled between 11:30am on 10 January and 2:17pm the next day. The perpetrators searched the house before leaving.

On 19 February, an elderly man, who lives on St Peter’s Road, was robbed after two men conned their way into his house three times in one day. The perpetrators entered under the guise of both business men and alarm-fitters. One of the men, aged between 50 and 60, was described as walking with a limp and carrying a dark blue holdall bag with red edging.

Another instance of distraction burglary was also recorded on the 1 February in Victoria Road at 6:50pm. A man claimed to represent the water board and stole £100 from an elderly man.
Police are appealing for witnesses after a collision occurred in St Osyths Lane on 31 January at 9:55 am. An 81-year-old man was flown to Addenbrooke’s Hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a white Ford Fiesta.

Between 4pm on 9 February and 2am on the following day, a sports bag was stolen from a vehicle on Benefield Road.

There have been reports of a light-coloured Land Rover being driven by perpetrators who have stolen an assortment of tools from various vehicles. Similarly, tools were stolen from a white Ford van in Main Street, Upper Benefield, between 3pm and 3:10pm on Thursday, 27 February.

On 27 February, between 3:25 and 3:30pm, a white VW van parked in Glapthorn had £1000 worth of tools stolen. The van’s owner chased the thief who drove off in a black 57 plate Mercedes.

On the night of 7 February, between 10:45pm and 9am, a box of newspapers was set alight in front of the Stahl Theatre on West Street. Between the 16 and 23 April, the Stahl Theatre maintenance team discovered an unsuccessful attempt by unknown culprits to break through the rear fire doors.

Between 22 and 24 February, an Oundle School property was entered (a fire door was forced open).

Between 5pm on Tuesday 10 March and 6:30am on Wednesday 11 March, unknown persons removed the front and rear registration plates from a car parked on North Street, Oundle.

On 24 March, damage was done to a vehicle on Hillfield Road between midday and 14:07. A high-value theft of equipment occurred at the Wharf between 4pm on 25 March and 11am on 29 March.

In March, 34 crimes were reported to have occurred in Oundle, a significant increase from February’s 23 reported crimes and January’s 21 reported crimes.

While burglaries and anti-social incidents were down, there was a marked increase in reports of violence and sexual offences.

On 12 May, police arrested a man in Warmington on suspician of growing cannabis after finding a small-scale farm in his garage.

Millicent Riordan
May 2020