Snipe Meadow boardwalk to be completed

snipe meadow 1After years of planning by the Town Council, the funds for the replacement of the Snipe Meadow Boardwalk have finally been approved. The project will allow for safe access for fishermen, birdwatchers and dog walkers alike.

Construction will begin as soon as the contractor is able to work safely under the new Covid-19 rules.

The new boardwalk is estimated to cost £65,000, which will come from Section 106 funding and a grant from Grantscape.

The original boardwalk was built in 1988, and was not accessible for wheelchairs. Over the years it had required repairs to seven damaged sections, costing £3480.

The boardwalk ensures the protection of several endangered species and their environments, most notably the nesting sites of snipe and redshank. Both snipe and redshank are species of wading birds protected by The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and are under UK Amber conservation status.

The snipe population of the UK has declined in the last 25 years, but Snipe Meadow provides an undisturbed area for nesting.

The Council has consulted with the Wildlife Trust, and said that construction will be monitored in order not to disturb the wildlife.

Millicent Riordan
May 2020