ENC overrides town objections to planning

Despite a concerted opposition campaign by Oundle residents, including over 80 public comments objecting to the plan, the application by Gladman Developers for 130 houses on Cotterstock Road was given outline planning approval by the East Northants Planning Management Committee at a meeting on 28 February.

Objections to the site included the reports of odours from the adjacent sewage treatment works, and the increased traffic load at the entrance to the nearby primary school, as well as objections from the Cotterstock and Glapthorn parish councils.

The ENC commissioned an independent review of the odour impact assessment that had been submitted by the developers, and said that they were satisfied that there was no evidence to refuse the applications on the grounds of odour. They said that eight odour complaints had been received by local residents from 1998 to 2003, and four were received in November 2019, none of which were substantiated.

The committee examined traffic concerns, and were told by the council’s highway consultant that there was no evidence that the development’s increased traffic would have a material impact on the neighbourhood. The site’s proposed improved pedestrian and cycling facilities both on and off the site were thought to be a positive contribution.

Nevertheless, the outline approval specified highway conditions that must be satisfied before the development can progress, including details for a right hand turn ghost island on Cotterstock Road, and a scheme for the reduction of the speed limit. It was stated that the development cannot begin until a permanent extension of the existing 30mph speed limit has been implemented, and the full construction details of the continuation of St Peter’s Road have been submitted.

The developers agreed to a request by the Town Council to make a financial contribution in the S106 Agreement of £172,000 to deliver a cycle link from Cotterstock Road to New Road.

May 2020