Council introduces electronic waste collection

electronic wasteThe East Northamptonshire’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection pilot scheme began in September in Raunds and was planned to run until the end of 2019. According to the council, if this trial was successful, the scheme would be rolled out across the district.

According to Charlotte Tompkins, the ENC Waste Service Manager, very early on the trial was shown to be a success, and WEEE collection will be extended across the district.

The council judged the amounts collected, how many households participated and their feedback on the scheme’s usefulness. It also needed to determine whether it would impact on the time to complete the regular collection rounds, the profile of tonnages collected over time and whether the capacity provided for the storage of the material on the collection vehicle would be sufficient.

Residents will soon be able to leave their electronic waste in bags or boxes alongside their bins for collection.

The council will collect a wide variety of items alongside the normal weekly pick-up: electrical items such as hairdryers, small kitchen appliances such as toasters and kettles, electronics such as DVD players and phones, small electrical DIY tools and electronic toys and chargers.

The collected material will be sent to a UK facility that will break the items down into the component materials with magnetic and electric currents, and will then be sent on for recycling into new products; the plastics will be sorted into the different types by eddy current separator, near infra-red and other technologies.

East Northamptonshire Council said they do not receive any income from the sale of materials of this scheme. “As a council, we are committed to helping residents with their recycling in East Northamptonshire. With a growing number of electrical items in households due to technologies constantly changing, this trial is the next step in ensuring that as many items as possible are sent to recycling facilities,” said Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council.

Meagan Iu
December 5, 2019