Police beat

The summer saw a spike in crime incidents reported, with an increase from 24 in July to 32 incidents in August.

A winch was removed from a vehicle on Bellamy Road, Oundle during the week of 18th July. The winch must have been unscrewed, as well as having the connecting cables cut.

On July 19th a car was stolen between midnight and 7:20am from Ashton Road. This is believed to have been a keyless car theft. Another car was stripped of items that evening just after midnight on St Christopher’s Drive. Further cases were reported during the night of July 23rd and 24th: items were stolen from a vehicle on Benefield Road, and from a car on Wakerley Close.

A woman was approached by two unknown men at 1pm on the afternoon of August 2 on St Osyth’s Lane. They asked to borrow her phone and she replied that she did not own one. They then climbed into the passenger side of her vehicle and stole her handbag. It was recovered and returned to her.

Six businesses located in the Oundle Marina suffered thefts of several items on August 8th. These items were located and returned. However, the offenders have not been located. The rear headlights of a car parked on Benefield Road were also removed on August 8th.

The crime rate decreased dramatically from 32 crimes reported in August to 19 in September. However, there was an increase to 24 reported incidents in October.

During September and October incidents of violence and sexual offences accounted for the majority of reported crimes. Of the seven incidents reported in October, one suspect has been charged, four incidents are still under investigation, and in two cases, the police were unable to prosecute the identified suspects.

A car in Lower Benefield was stripped of possessions on September 16th. A car was keyed on the driver’s side on Creed Road by unknown person(s) on September 12th.

Four counts of shoplifting in Oundle occurred in October; three were reported at the Co-op in Oundle and one was reported at Oundle Waitrose. The police have no suspects at this time.

A Sprinter van was stolen from King’s Road between 11pm on October 9th and 6am the following morning by unknown means.

police beat van

There was an attempted burglary at a house on Wakerley Close during the night of October 27th. A building on Barnwell Road was burgled on November 4th at 14:35.

There were three burglaries reported in Oundle during September and October. A burglary on Monson Way was reported in August. However, the suspect was unable to be prosecuted in October.

A silver teardrop trailer was stolen from a private, communal car park on Glapthorn Road during the week of November 4th.

police beat trailer

On Oundle Road in Stoke Doyle, an attempted theft of a vehicle on November 10th was reported. The rear window was broken and the boot was damaged, although nothing was taken.

On November 18th, two men attempted to steal a car from an Oundle driveway at 9:30 pm but were chased away when the owner was woken by the sound of a saw, and shouted from his home. They proceeded to drive away in another vehicle.

The police are collaborating with National Pub Watch on the Ask for Angela campaign, which will help people who feel threatened on a date.

As part of Operation Snap, police are asking drivers to submit dash cam footage of traffic offences to their website, as this may be helpful to take action against drivers found to be breaking the law. Police caution that any footage should not be placed on social media as this could affect their efforts to make a legal case.

Millicent Riordan
December 4, 2019