Legal challenges to Neighbourhood Plan

Oundle’s Neighbourhood Plan has progressed to John Parmiter, the independent examiner appointed to review whether the plan meets “the basic conditions” and other relevant legal requirements.

An unexpected obstacle to the plan’s success emerged at the Examiner’s public hearing on October 29 when developers with current planning applications at stake sent lawyers to challenge the plan. Lawyers for Gladman and Persimmon contend that because the plan adopted amendments after the Regulation 14 consultation process without further consultation with the community, “the Plan is unlawful and cannot progress any further”.

Oundle Town Council’s lawyer argued in response that “any sensible consultee would be alive to the fact” that given the objectives of a consultation, some changes would be made.

The OTC said: “The objections raised must be seen in the light of the vested interests of the developers who are aggrieved that the plan does not allocate their sites for residential development.”

The Interim Report into the Examination is due in early December.

December 4, 2019