Police beat

There was a burglary of a property in South Road during the night between the 15 and 16 of December whilst occupants were asleep. Car keys were stolen and the vehicle, a Skoda Octavia parked on the driveway, was also taken. Some items inside the car were discarded at various points.

Police officers patrolling in Oundle on January 6 engaged with a group of teenagers suspected of smoking or dealing cannabis and found them in possession of drugs.

There was a break-in of a shed at a property in Glapthorn Road between 10pm on January 13 and January 18. An item was stolen from within. With the use of some tools from the shed, an attempt was made to enter the house via the living room window without success. Tools from the shed were found discarded in some bushes.

During the night between January 22 and January 23 there was a burglary at Hochanda Ltd at the Nene Valley Business Park. A person turned up to the company and walked around the premises. The offender rammed the side door and gained entry. An iPhone was taken from within, and drawers and cupboards were searched. Everything was captured on CCTV.

A fire was reported at a house on January 31. It was extinguished by the occupier before the arrival of the fire department. A female was taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation, caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette.

On the same day there was a chimney fire on Glapthorn Road.

Police arrested a drunk driver in the early hours of February 2 in Oundle.

Some children found themselves accidentally locked in a property on February 4. They managed to break out before the fire department arrived.

In nearby villages, there were seven cases of shed break-ins in Cotterstock and Glapthorn, and a garage door was forced open on February 11.

There was an attempted burglary in Wakerley Close on February 12.

A false fire alarm was called on February 19 in Oundle. It was caused by cooking fumes.
Oundle retailers have reported fake £50 notes in circulation. Northants Police urges shop owners to be wary.

The theft of a motor vehicle by means unknown from the driveway of a property in Springfield Road was reported on February 27. All the car keys were accounted for.

Entry was gained to an unlocked car parked in Springfield Road during the night between 13 and 14 March. There was evidence of a search but nothing appeared to have been taken.

During that same night in Glapthorn Road, entry was gained to a parked car. Various items were taken, including the keys to another vehicle parked on the same road. Nothing was taken from the second one.

There have been several thefts from motor vehicles in the area around Oundle, including removal of number plates.

On March 23 in three places around Oundle – Oak Close, Creed Road and Walcot Close – entry was gained into secured motor vehicles, and messy searches were conducted. In the first two cases nothing was taken. In the third case, items were stolen from the victim’s two cars. No signs of forced entry were found.

During the night of April 6, unknown offenders damaged a bird hide in Barnwell Country Park.

There was a burglary overnight between April 18 and April 19 in Mill Lane. The culprits entered through a rear patio door.

During the week of April 15, money was stolen from a shop in the Market Place just after closing. The owner was distracted by a man asking for directions, while his accomplice stole the day’s takings packed for deposit.

Giorgio Capuzzello
May 2019