Alarm is raised at increase in knife crime

Due to widespread concern about the rise in knife crime, Northamptonshire police departments have been carrying out decisive action. In March, police officers took part in Operation Sceptre, a nationwide crackdown on serious and organised crime which aims to reduce the number of knives which are used to commit crimes.

As part of the operation, 10 knife-related arrests were made, and 147 knives were surrendered in Northamptonshire between March 11-17.

Inspector Sara-Louise Parrott, who led the Operation Sceptre work, said: “Carrying a knife increases your risk of being the victim of a knife attack, and it is extremely pleasing to have removed so many potentially deadly weapons from our streets during Operation Sceptre.”

While headlines about knife crime in London dominate the news, problems persist in rural counties and are growing. According to Northamptonshire Police the number of people convicted for carrying a knife has jumped by 78 per cent in five years. In 2013 Northamptonshire saw 186 people convicted for carrying a knife, but in 2018 that number leapt to 323.

In December 2018, Northamptonshire Police said they would give more officers Taser guns in response to increasing knife crime. Chief Constable Nick Adderley said the decision made “complete sense” because of an overall national increase in knife crime. He said that Tasers would help to respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

Giovanni Bernardi
May 2019