Countryside litter pick bags tons of refuse

The country engaged in a mass litter pick between 22 March and 23 April, collecting over 600,000 bags of litter as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

East Northamptonshire towns and villages did their bit, with over 20 litter picks and tidy-ups arranged by local communities, supported by East Northamptonshire District Council who supplied equipment and took away what was collected.

As part of the campaign, many Tansor volunteers of all ages were equipped with kit, split into groups and allocated stretches of road and footpath around the village and beside the A605.
litter pick 1

A total of 64 bags of rubbish and recyclables was collected, as well as 8 tyres, 7 hubcaps, a car seat, parts of a sofa, a couple of roadwork signs and a significant amount of building rubbish.

Unusual items included a pair of tights, a stash of pornography found under a hedge, part of a truck’s suspension and a stolen wallet which was returned to its Oundle owner.

Wet wipes (which, contrary to popular belief, do not biodegrade) and food packaging continue to be the main sources of litter.

Additionally regular litter pickers from the village estimate they have collected over 300 empty red wine bottles since the beginning of this year, thrown into roadside hedges.

“Litter is an emotive subject – it is difficult to understand why people toss it so thoughtlessly and it is a shame we have to arrange litter picks to tidy up their mess,” said Camilla Sherwin, one of the organisers of the Tansor litter pick.

“Litter is a demonstration of a bigger issue – a lack of regard for the environment as well as recyclable materials and resources which mankind is using up much more quickly than they are being replaced.”

Johnny Capstick-Dale
May 2019