Sports centre construction digs deep

With work having started on the Oundle School sports centre during the summer, its giant crane now dominates the Oundle skyline. Behind the green hoardings, GRAHAM Construction is steadily moving ahead with a huge amount of work.

Construction work in November saw completion of the pool box

Construction work in November saw completion of the pool box

The pool box is complete and will soon be tested with 1.61 million litres of water. The cross-laminated timber frame is expected to arrive at the end of January, which is when the project will rise up out of the ground and be visible above hoarding levels for all to see.

The Health and Safety Executive made a surprise inspection in November and provided very positive feedback, with no actions or issues identified. The build is also part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. Areas reported on include site appearance, respecting the community, protecting the environment, securing everyone’s safety and valuing the workforce. The report was extremely positive, and the site was awarded all 8s and 9s, which is “excellent” and “exceptional”.

Alongside the construction, the school is also currently working on a programme of activity and membership packages for community access to the sports centre. Details will soon be available at www.