Profile: Nick Grove, artist

IMG_6869Nick Grove went to Prince William School and studied fine art at Southampton University. He has worked as a professional photographer for 15 years, specialising in weddings. Nick is increasingly committing more time to painting. He recently completed “31 paintings in 31 days”, posting paintings online at the end of every day for a month. He paints “en plein air”, on location, working in oil “alla prima”, layering wet paint on wet paint all in one go. The technique means he has to make quick decisions and just get on with it no matter what happens in front of him or how the weather changes. His aim when painting is not to labour over detail, but rather to “grasp the experience” of what is in front of him. He does not want to be super realistic; he wants his work to look like a painting. He is influenced by the artist Peter Brown who works on location in all weather, as Nick does. He even enjoys painting in the rain. He has many commissions lined up and is currently represented by the Peter Barker Fine Art Gallery in Uppingham.

Judah Stephenson
May 2018