Profile: Carol Parfitt, artist

IMG_2062Carol Parfitt moved to Oundle in 1974, and raised her family in one of the oldest houses in Oundle, dating to the 1500s. After completing her masters in fine art, Carol led art workshops for children and the disabled before starting a teaching career as a lecturer at Tresham’s College. For many years she was a member of a local artists group. She exhibited alongside fellow artist Crispin Heesom, and collaborated with Oundle’s Nick Penny on a large scale installation at Fernym Woods Gallery. Her love of gardening led to her focus on flower studies arranged in still lifes of posies in small vases. She mainly works in oil, primarily on small canvases. She aims to reveal the character of each flower in a slightly impressionistic style. Alongside her flowers she works on abstract paintings of pebbles that she has collected from her travels. She is currently working on a suite of botanical watercolours from the garden of a friend who grows unusual plants. Her work is sold at the Dolby Gallery.

Judah Stephenson
May 2018