Recording local bird life on Twitter

In 1895 Lord Lilford listed 227 birds in his two volume book Notes on the Birds of Northamptonshire and Neighbourhood. He was a renowned naturalist and ornithologist and was responsible for introducing the Little Owl (Athene noctua) to the area in the 1880s, which is now the county bird.

The work he did recording birds in the area continues with 21st century birdwatchers reporting their sightings online and on the appropriately named social media platform, Twitter.

Dr John Hunt is a retired Oundle biology teacher who has been birdwatching seriously since 1980. During the school holidays he traveled across the world to study birds and wildlife, and this year will be travelling to South and Central America and China.

His bird sightings in Oundle and the surrounding area are recorded on Twitter @jhoundle with the hashtag #northantsbirds, often accompanied by short, mesmerising videos of bird life.

One unusual sighting that he said is exceptionally rare was of a lone corn bunting singing like a
yellowhammer. He said it was a single bird among a flock of another bird species, and was
clearly tuned to the wrong song.

Bird sightings in the county are collected and recorded on the website once the sighting has been verified. also records birding sites close to Oundle and wider Northamptonshire, as does the Northamptonshire Bird Club.