Police Beat

There were 31 reported crimes in January, up from 28 in December. There were 12 cases of antisocial behaviour, six of violence and sexual abuse, and four cases of shoplifting. There were also four cases of damage and arson, and three of theft, one burglary, and one vehicle crime.

At the start of the year there were many reports of theft of equestrian equipment. The Police released an email on 16 January to advise horse owners on how to protect their belongings, including an alarm system with high-pitched frequencies, secure lock-ups, and visible identification marked on equipment such as a security register number or the owner’s postcode.

There were 29 reported crimes in February, down from 31 in January, with the most being violence and sexual offenses – 11 cases. The second highest crime was antisocial behaviour with seven cases. Other crimes included burglaries, criminal damage and arson, shoplifting and vehicle crime.

Damage was caused overnight on 2 February to a wall at the Oundle Rugby club. The wall, which was under construction, had been torn down completely with most bricks lying around the area.
On 20 February one or more offenders gained entry to a motor vehicle parked behind a property in East Road. Although the criminals damaged the door, nothing was reported stolen.

The police have had several calls in relation to “Nottingham Knockers” across Oundle and surrounding villages who knock on doors and try to sell household products on the door step. The police warns that doorstep crime can happen in two ways: either by a criminal trying to trick their way inside a house to steal money or valuables, or a false trader offering an overpriced service. They advise that householders do not open the door unless the person’s identity has been verified.

There were 23 reported crimes in March, six less than the 29 in February. Antisocial behaviour is the most popular, with 8 cases followed closely by 6 cases of violence and sexual offences, 3 thefts and 2 burglaries.

A quantity of lead was stolen from the church of St James in the village of Thurning during the night of 6 March. The police urged citizens to pay close attention to churches in their area to avoid other thefts of this type.

On 21 March, there were several complaints about inconsiderate parking outside Oundle Primary School on Cotterstock Road. It would seem that drivers churned up the grass verges by parking on them. Ali Wallace, a Community Support Officer said: “I remind you that blocking driveways and parking on grass verges outside of people’s homes is unacceptable. Unfortunately we cannot be there all the time but patrols have been carried out. If you are still having issues please contact the council and speak with the school as I shall also be doing again.”

On 2 April an incident occurred on the A605 between a silver Ford Fiesta, a silver Renault Scenic and a grey Honda CRV. The 23-year-old driver of the Ford Fiesta was declared deceased at the scene while the five occupants of the Honda CRV were taken to Peterborough Hospital with serious injuries, one of them being potentially life-threatening. The two occupants of the Renault Scenic were not injured.

During the night of 8 April two thefts from vehicles took place on West Street in Oundle.
On 10 April a bike shed in the grounds of Oundle Primary School was damaged during a period of 24 hours.

On 18 April there was a report of a smashed window in Wakerley Close.

A burglary in Stoke Doyle Road took place between 2.10pm and 3.20pm on 24 April. The criminals forced their way in and made an untidy search. Nothing was taken but damage was caused to the property.

On the same day there was another burglary in Warren Bridge between 10.30am and 3.10pm. Once again there was proof of forced entry. The criminals made an untidy search of the bedrooms and stole some jewellery.

There was an attempted burglary on 29 April of a property in Wakerley Close, where there was an attempt to unscrew the hinges on a patio door. Nothing was taken from the garden or the property and no damage was caused.

A resident on Glapthorn Road reported that their car wing mirror appeared to have been kicked off and their vehicle keyed across several panels, sometime between 4 to 7 May.

There was a burglary of a property in New Road between 21.00 on 6 May and 19.00 on Monday 7 May. Very little was taken.

Giorgio Capuzello
May 2018