Cookbook Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

no suger cooking coverEasy, Tasty, Healthy is the fourth cookery book to be published by nutritional therapist Barbara Cousins of Oundle, who believes that maintaining the correct nutritional balance makes us stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Barbara has been involved in the nutrition world for over 30 years, and has published a trilogy of bestselling ‘Free From’ cookbooks. Her fourth book is in tune with the trend for healthy living and follows the theme of her previous work, meaning all recipes exclude sugar, gluten, dairy, eggs and soya.

The new book, which contains 160 recipes incorporates Barbara’s own creations developed and collected over time. The book focuses on how to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle by making the cooking as convenient as possible.

The new book is conscious of the demands of modern day life in which many people rely on convenience food, which they believe to be quicker, easier and more economical. Barbara has ensured that her recipes are accessible for all styles of cooking, with a variety of one-pot dishes that require minimal preparation.

‘I wanted food that you can get locally,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want recipes where you use an ingredient in one recipe, never to use it again. I wanted a user-friendly recipe’.

The aim of the book is not only to provide an easy route to a healthy diet, but also ‘to try and help people and get them to think about what they’re doing and eating’. Whilst not a traditional diet book, Easy, Tasty, Healthy explains and incorporates a weight loss process that is based on nutritional values.

‘Losing weight isn’t about not eating, it’s about eating the right foods,’ she said.

The book also focuses on how to change the lifestyle of an individual as Barbara explained: ‘Cooking from scratch doesn’t necessarily take more time, it just takes more organisation. I know that people don’t have a lot of time to spare, as we lead such busy stressful lives, so I don’t want cooking to be a big headache.’

After first training in home economics, then retraining in nutritional therapy when it was at its early development stage, Barbara found that there were few services available to treat people by altering their diet. This led her to open the Moorside Natural Healing Clinic in Manchester, which would prove to be very successful over 17 years. Patients who were suffering from undiagnosed or unrecognised illnesses at the time, such as ME, experienced life changing results thanks to adopting a ‘free from’ lifestyle.

By taking a scientific approach to food, the ‘free from’ lifestyle ensures that the body does not go hungry but remains balanced and healthy. Maintaining blood sugar levels in a sensible way, by snacking regularly on the correct foods, ensures that the body does not experience cravings, as occurs with so many other diets. Another method is to balance any sugar intake from natural products, such as fruit, with a less sugar fuelled ingredient, such as nuts, will help to lower the glycaemic index, thus reducing sugar highs and lows.

Despite what it may seem, the lifestyle still includes many treats and puddings, they have simply been prepared in a more balanced and healthy way. Easy, Tasty, Healthy includes a range of recipes which appeal to all, and is therefore a lifestyle which can be adopted by many.

Easy, Tasty, Healthy is available at the Oundle Bookshop.

Ruby Goodall – 11 May 2016