IMG_0156Dog walkers looking for new routes should explore the website Walkiees, bursting with walks of varying lengths across all corners of the UK, (walkiees.co.uk).

Walkiees is a platform for finding, sharing and discussing dog walks across the UK. Having only been founded in April 2012, Walkiees has flourished, with over 100 suggestions having been submitted by members from all over the country.

Users can easily locate or share a walk in their locality, and bookmark it for later reference, after simply creating an account.

Walkiees is not only free, but it also donates £2 to a dog charity with every walk that a member adds.

There is an unfortunate lack of these registered Walkiees routes around the Oundle vicinity, with the nearest one being at Hitchingbrooke Country Park in Cambridgeshire, a half an hour drive from Oundle.

Walkiees is in need of local contributions to allow for Oundle’s dog walks to be appreciated by a wider audience.

Walks are only the beginning of this extensive website, as information can be found on almost any dog related services in their ‘Dog Friendly Directory’. The information ranges from a directory of dog-friendly accommodation, to more basic services such as dog sitting or grooming.

By Sophie Street