Police Beat

IMG_2272Crimes were down to 19 in May from 34 in April for all types of crime lower except for shoplifting, which increased from two to three cases. There were three cases of criminal damage and 12 of anti-social behaviour.

In June reported crimes increased to 23. There was a large reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour from 12 cases to 7, however there were four cases of burglary and three reports of bicycle theft. The burglaries occurred on or near Eastwood Road, Orchard Close, Occupation Road and Culme Close. Two of the bicycle thefts occurred on Church Street and the third on Victoria Road.

In July crimes went up once again to a total of 36 including cases of ‘criminal damage and arson’ which increased from 3 to 4.

However bicycle thefts were down to two, and burglaries were down from four to three. There were five reports of ‘violence and sexual offences’.

In August, reported crimes went down to 32 from 36 in July. However bicycle theft was up to four from two. Criminal damage and arson was up to five from four, and vehicle crime was up to four from three.

Bike theft decreased from 4 to 3 cases. Drugs, ‘other crime’, ‘other theft’ and robbery incidents all reduced from 1 to 0 cases in September. However burglary and ‘criminal damage and arson’ cases increased dramatically from 1 to 7 and from 5 to 9 respectively.

Anti-social behaviour saw a resurgence from 11 to 17 cases and vehicle crime also increased from 4 cases to 5. So overall, the increase from 32 cases in August to 47 in September is the biggest spike in crime since the end of 2012.

In October one stolen bike was returned to its owner after an alert by the police went out via social media.

The most dramatic incident in November was on Friday the 6th when Glebe Stores and Post Office in Warmington experienced an armed robbery of several hundred pounds worth of cigarettes. The man, who was described to be about 5ft 7in with a stocky build, threatened the owners with a weapon and escaped from the scene in a vehicle.

In her November report to the Oundle Town Council, PCSO Nadia Norman provided an overview of the crime figures which she confirmed were showing a spike, predominantly due to the activities of a specific group.

The crimes included damage to vehicles and windows in the town centre and thefts from insecure motor vehicles.
PCSO Norman stated that there had also been criminal activity relating to thefts from outbuildings.

PCSO Norman stated that following intervention, the damage at the Recreation Ground and the arson attacks had now stopped.

Will Buchan