Inspired by Venice

veniceSimon Dolby is Oundle’s West Street gallery owner, and an artist well known for his watercolours.

In a departure from his usual working practice, Dolby embarked on a new project exploring the medium of oils.

After one year and an estimated 2000 hours of work, Simon Dolby finished a 40 by 64 inch oil painting of a Venetian scene overlooking the Grand Canal.

Inspired by Canaletto, Dolby originally painted a watercolour of the Grand Canal, based on a trip he had made to Venice. He was prompted to adapt the scene into a large oil painting with the encouragement of a client. The painting is now on display in the gallery, impressively hung in a gilt frame worthy of the scene.

The first thing one is struck by is not just the vast size of the painting, but the sharp and intense colours bursting from the canvas. Upon further inspection one appreciates the amount of detail that is in the picture. Look harder still and one can spy the artist’s inclusion of himself and his wife looking over the Canal.

The commission marked a new direction in Dolby’s work. Known for naturalistic, detailed scenes painted in watercolours, he has since continued to work in oils on a much smaller scale, and has found that his style has changed in the process.

Simon Dolby’s gallery is on West Street, where he sells his paintings, both originals and high quality prints, as well as fine art and crafts by other artists.

Joseph Braka