Police Beat

2015 started with a 50% increase in crime from December last year. This increase is specifically in the number of burglaries, which have increased from one occurrence to five in January. There was an increase in criminal damage and arson, and two cases of shoplifting.

In November last year six burglaries were reported at St Ann’s court, but no suspect was identified for any of the crimes. There were also three cases of criminal damage and arson on Fletton Way; one of these suspects was not identified, another was unable to be prosecuted and the final suspect was given a caution.

In December 2014 a total of 20 crimes were reported, 30 in January 2015 and 21 in February.

Two cases of antisocial behaviour and one ‘violence and sexual offence’ occurred on West Street in January.
The number of crimes for March 2015 increased from 21 crimes in February to 25 in March. The major increases were due to shoplifting and burglaries.

Two drug arrests were made in March where the individuals were charged with intent to supply cannabis and another individual charged with possession of the drug.

Ten incidents of anti-social behaviour were reported in March, and three incidents of violence or sexual offence. No suspects have been identified.

On the 25th of March, a burglary occurred in Lytham Park where a 48-inch television, a games console and jewellery among other items, were stolen. The burglars broke in through patio doors and climbed over the fence into the back garden.

Another burglary took place on the 15th April, where two burglars were caught in the act by the homeowner on Cotterstock road. The robbery took place at 11am on the Wednesday morning by two men, one 15 years of age and the other about 26. They were interrupted by the house owner before they could steal anything, and escaped in a white 4×4.

There was a spate in shoplifting crimes with three at Waitrose and two at The Co-op. This increase is thought to be due to an organised team from Peterborough. There is now a team of officers from three other counties based at Oundle, working together to address cross-border crime.

On 24th April a shoplifter was caught in Oundle town centre as reported by @OundlePolice.

police beat

On the 27th of April, another burglary occurred on Wood Lane in Oundle. The front door of the house was forced open and the house searched for jewellery between 2.30pm and 6pm. The burglars have not been found and the crime is still under investigation.

There are now 13 PSCOs working from Oundle as part of the Futures Programme, gathering evidence about what can be done better.

Inspector Julie Mead encourages members of the public to join their efforts to keep Oundle and the surrounding villages safe. From special constables, community street watch, police cadets, community speed watch and office volunteers, Inspector Mead says there are many opportunities to ‘help us, help you, help yourselves’.

Johanna Carr