A Slice of Salerno’s

solernos gerry, gaby, stefanThe pizza industry has taken Oundle by storm, and who else to lead the way than the Salerno family, who have been serving up Italian food for over 20 years.

Their new restaurant, Salerno’s, gives us something else to twist and shout about. The talent behind San Giorgio’s have sold their previous business in Barnwell, and moved to the heart of our buzzing town to catch the pizza-craving crowd.

Gerry Salerno ‘e la sua famiglia’ have been quietly waiting for a prime time to introduce a new restaurant to Oundle. ‘When this property came up, it was what we had been looking for.’

The move into town has been very promising for the much-anticipated Italian restaurant, with fully booked sittings in the first couple of weeks after opening. ‘Business has been great so far, and I hope it continues.’

Their menu ranges from seafood linguini and risottos to fresh baked pizza, alongside a cold food deli counter with cured meats and cheeses.

While the presentation is ‘rustic’, the ingredients are first-class. ‘We use the best of Italian ingredients that we can get, but also like to try and make sure we are using suppliers that other restaurants don’t use.’

For those on the run there’s a hot cabinet with takeaway pizza slices. Mr Salerno said: ‘In the coming months we hope to make the takeaway side more of a regular fixture.’

Mr Salerno said: ‘Times have changed, and the way people go out to eat is more casual. I think having the deli/café adds to this. You can’t be too exclusive about what you offer now, and we want to appeal to as many people as possible.’

Whether you want a coffee, Italian pastry, pizza slice, or a three-course meal, Solerno’s seems to be just what Oundle has been waiting for.

Ed Ashton Johnson