Brewbabu Serves Up Specialty Teas and Coffees

brewbabuNew to the café culture scene, Brewbabu has introduced to Oundle unique methods of blending, brewing and serving tea and coffee.

As a ‘boutique brew bar’, it stocks many exciting varieties of both tea and coffee, and aims to make the drinking experience exciting and adventurous.

‘Tea is top of the agenda for us,’ owner Dyna Graham said. Originally from nearby Aldwincle, Dyna Graham is new to the coffee shop business. However, she has always looked for good coffee.

As for the tea, her obsession for unique tea blends was prompted by her daughter’s gap year, when she received many different and fantastic teas from her daughter’s travels. This inspired her to focus on quality and uniqueness, and she now is proud to be selling some of the finest tea blends around.

Brewbabu takes pride in the quality of their teas, and stocks 14 varieties, all blended by a Tea Master in Kent who only supplies small independent shops. Varieties include black, white and green teas, in addition to the herbal varieties that Dyna calls the wellness range.

They also stock a changing selection of fragrant seasonal teas, specially blended by their Tea Master.
There is so much more to making a cup of tea than dunking a bag in a teapot or cup. Boiled water is from a filtered source and is temperature controlled for the different varieties.

‘If you serve a green tea at the same temperature as a black tea, you get a bitter taste, and you don’t get a clear, fresh quality to the appearance of the brew, which is why many people do not like green teas. If you brew the leaves at the correct temperature, you get the best flavour,’ said Dyna.

The teas are served in Forlife stump tea pots with infuser baskets. To make sure the tea tasting experience is perfect, Brewbabu sets up an individual hourglass alongside the pot so that drinkers can time the brewing – about three minutes.

No less care is given to its coffee. They serve a house blend of beans from Honduras and Brazil at their espresso bar. There are also eight different coffee varieties that are ground for each cup and served in either a French press or filtered at the table in a mini brew bar, making the whole coffee experience much more bespoke.

All the tea leaves and beans can be bagged up and are available to buy. ‘Customers can sit and try the varieties of teas before they buy a supply to take home.’

The cafe is fitted with upcycled furniture and accessories, lending a trendy East London urban vibe to this corner of Oundle. Trunks are used for tables, while doors are used as menu blackboards.

At the back of the shop is a further sitting room, there are cosy armchairs and sofas, and tables spread with board games. Lining the walls are shelves filled with gifts and tea and coffee making accessories to buy.

Alongside its daily food menu, which also includes a selection of wines by the glass, Brewbabu has also been hosting pop-up, special occasion dinner events. Partnered with the bespoke catering company, Devine Bettys, the café has been booked out for its themed three course meals with canapés and sweet treats.

This new coffee boutique is ideally suited to be introduced into any morning or afternoon routine. Whether you are in a rush or are looking for a leisurely break during the day, a visit to Brewbabu would not go amiss.

By Joseph Braka and Sam Trott