Trade with Roundles Instead of Cash

The Oundle Time Trade (OTT), previously called the Oundle Skills Exchange, relaunched this summer after the glitches in the communications and technology were fixed.

Such a skill-swapping regime has been popular in other areas for a while now, and Oundle can also now proudly say that they have partaken in this community-based exercise.

The scheme, which relies heavily on reciprocity, offers a plan of action for the locals of Oundle and outlying villages to exchange ‘time and skills with other members in a cash-free community’.
Dubbed ‘Oundle’s latest community enterprise’, this clever programme uses tokens, called Roundles to be traded between members of the OTT for an hour’s help.

However, this isn’t the first idea of its kind. In fact, it is a very old idea. Ann Holland, the founder and current head of the OTT, said: ‘I came up with the idea of starting one in Oundle, after hearing of a very successful one in Nottingham.’

Another one in Totnes, Devon, has been running for many years.

Each member will receive ten Roundles, with each one worth one hour of aid. Members then communicate with each other via email.

Current skills that are currently being traded include help in the garden, dog walking, car cleaning, sewing, typing, language practice, driving (petrol paid), house sitting and dozens of other chores.

Of course, the OTT is completely free to join; all you need is an email and an amiable attitude! For details, please email the organizer, Ann Holland at:

By George Carmichael