The Healing Touch With Thai Massage

tai massageSa-Bai-Gai, a traditional Thai medical massage parlour, is one of the latest businesses to open in Oundle. Owners Pen and Mick Lewis had been offering Thai massage for six years as a mobile service, but now with the new parlour on West Street they have created a massage centre where they can welcome their clients.

Both Pen and Mick trained at the world renowned Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School, as well as the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society in Bangkok.

The new massage parlour cultivates an aura of peace to encourage relaxation. With calm music and the aroma of Thai herbs, the atmosphere is in keeping with its name, Sa-Bai-Gai, meaning ‘relaxation of the body and mind’.

This ancient form of bodywork dates back hundreds of years and is used in Thai hospitals as a treatment for a number of conditions. Alongside the use of healing herbs, their massages aim to offer relief from aches, pains and tensions, such as migraines, sore or pulled muscles and back pain. Thai massage is able to reawaken nerves whether they are damaged or trapped and can help to put stroke victims on the path to recovery in six months.

They offer a number of different massage options to suit both those with busy lifestyles, and those with two hours to enjoy to the full treatment.

By Joanna Carr