Horse Riders Volunteer for Police

As part of a new initiative against crime in rural areas, the East Northants Safer Community Team are on the lookout for over-18s interested in becoming involved in their new mounted volunteer scheme. The scheme, which will be used as means of targeting anti-social behaviour, is just one part of a large project seeking to increase the safety of the local community. The New Year will also see the launch of a new Parish Constable role.

Luisa Henstock, who is working on the volunteers project on behalf of the Northants police said: ‘Volunteers are the polices’ eyes and ears on the ground. The information that they pick up will be useful in preventing crime.’

The move to give residents a greater role in the maintenance of the general safety of the community is a way of combatting financial difficulties faced by the police in the current economic climate. That is not to say, however, that volunteers are being used in the place of police. There is no expectation for the volunteers to involve themselves in incidents.

Although only recently established, the scheme has had a good response so far and has received positive feedback. There is no limit on the number of volunteers, the only criteria being that the volunteer must have their own horse or regular access to ride out the East Northants area.

By Anna Trafford