12th Man for English Cricket

david-foster-photo1David Foster has given Oundle cause to be proud after he played twelfth man for England in their fourth test match against Australia.

The former Prince William star, who now plays for Durham, was put forward after Durham was asked to provide four players to represent England. David was called up because he is a good fielder and therefore could be useful as a twelfth man if an England player got an injury. Although David did not get scouted by England, he was handed an opportunity by his coaches, and it is an experience no one would turn down.

David participated with the team in warm-ups, however, on match days the call-up to go out on the pitch did not present itself. David found it an excellent experience and he hopes he can use some of the contacts he made in his future career. England, of course, was victorious in this test, and David joined the celebrations in the changing rooms where champagne ran

David is a notorious spin bowler, and is also known for his fielding ability. David said he hopes to one day make a catch like Dwayne Leverock, another spin bowler, who made a very memorable catch for Bermuda against England in the 2007 World Cup.

David is still a young player, and has very high aspirations for the future, and hopes to get a professional contract. David said: “Obviously the dream is to play for England. In the meantime, however, I will continue to play for Durham.”

By Sam Trott