A Hairdresser is For Life

jaynesSlightly tucked away in the Oundle Market Place you will find Jaynes Hair Salon, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary on the 1st of December. The property in Jericho has been a hair dressers for over 70 years. It was purchased by Carl Norwood and his wife, who was working there at the time, from the previous owners. It’s been a healthy business every since.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary Carl Norwood, who lives above the hairdressers and runs the business, invited all of his previous employees, of which there are about 50, back to Jaynes for a celebration. Although he couldn’t get a hold of all of his old staff, Carl told the Chronicle: “We had quite a nice turn-out.”

It has been said that the relationships some women have with their hairdressers were one of the few relationships that “last longer than marriage”.

A study by netvouchercodes.co.uk found that 53 percent of women surveyed rated their hairdresser in the top ten most important people in their life.

Carl told me that his longest standing customers have been coming ever since they opened, and that they still practice traditional hair styling, such as shampoo and set for their older customers.

When the business was purchased in 1963 there were only three hair salons in Oundle, and there was very little competition for Jaynes. However, there are now a total of seven hairdressers in Oundle, three of which are in the Market Place.

Carl feels that this is far too many, although he seemed relaxed about this, as Jaynes is a well-established thriving business with a loyal clientele.

There are not many small businesses that can lay claim to such a boast. “Fifty years. It’s quite an achievement, isn’t it?”

By Thomas Bailey