The Complete Cliff Richard

cliff-richard-852x1024For all the many Cliff Richard fans, a new comprehensive edition of his discography has just been published by an Oundle author.

Vic Rust published the first edition of The Cliff Richard Recording Catalogue a few years ago and met with major success. The new edition has been updated with new research and information about Cliff’s latest recorded material.

With information from correspondents from around the world, Vic was also able to interview Sir Cliff Richard about his memories of the songs in the book. In addition, other people connected to Cliff’s recording career were interviewed, including his original recording engineer from the early days at Abbey Road, Malcolm Addey, one of the first people for whom Cliff produced a record, Garth Hewitt, and one of the most successful songwriters in Cliff’s career, and Chris Eaton, who wrote his 1990 Christmas number one, Saviour’s Day, among others.

Vic said: “Cliff’s musicianship, the choice of songs and his innate ability to come up with brilliant harmonies and freshen up songs old and new made this a true labour of love – plus it meant I had an excuse to listen to music all day and call it ‘work’!”

It was Vic who identified that Cliff’s latest album, The Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook, was his 100th UK album release, a fact subsequently verified by other experts and which has been used extensively in the publicity for the album’s release. Although he had interviewed him on the phone and by email, Vic had not had the chance to meet Cliff in person until he was invited as Cliff’s guest on The One Show in November 2013, where he was asked to talk about the research for the book.

Vic Rust grew up in a household that thrived on music; his father, Brian, was the foremost traditional jazz discographer and Capital Radio DJ. Vic was a member of the London Philharmonic Choir, alongside a twenty year career in computers. In 2008, he published The Moody Blues Encyclopaedia, a book on the music of his favourite band, which proved popular particularly in America. This was followed by The Shadows Recording Catalogue and then The Moody Blues Recording Catalogue.

Although The Cliff Richard Recording Catalogue is not authorized by Sir Cliff, he has been very supportive of the project and has graciously provided a foreword.

The Cliff Richard Recording Catalogue was published in early December and covers every song Sir Cliff Richard has recorded, providing the background to the titles, release and studio information, facts, figures and accolades and much more besides. The book can be ordered at