Residents say: Please “Fix My Street”

Northamptonshire is the latest council to adopt FixMyStreet as their official street reporting system.

If you come across something amiss on the streets of Oundle, you can file a report on the council website, or do it on the nationwide site and it will be routed to the council. The council formerly used a bespoke site called Street Doctor.

Residents can report faults linked to amenities that are broken or dirty, damaged or dumped, or need fixing, cleaning or clearing such as: drain covers, kerbs, safety bollards, potholes.

In early May, there were eight reported problems in Oundle, including a broken barrier on West Street, potholes on Rockingham Hills and New Street, pavement issues on St Peter’s Road and complaints about the bollards on North Bridge.

Other issues such as dog fouling, anti-social behaviour, missing wheelie bins, and fire/smoke and smell pollution should be reported to the district council.

After a complaint is submitted, the county council is automatically notified and updates about the progress of the complaint will be made via email.

Alfie Peterson
May 2019