Oundle News changes business hands

After 18 years at the helm of Oundle News, in March, Chris Cant passed on the business to new owner, Mr Niranjanan from Letchworth.

Oundle News is a core business in the Market Place, selling not only a huge range of magazines and newspapers, but also a variety of goods from gifts and cards to bread and confectionary.
Behind the scenes, it makes more than 6750 paper deliveries per week to Oundle and local villages such as Elton, Warmington and Polebrook.

The shop has 15 employees: seven staff work in the shop and eight backroom packers and delivery drivers. On top of this, 20 boys and girls help with the deliveries.

The changing retail landscape of market towns and high streets has at times presented challenges to news agents.

When Waitrose opened on the edge of town in 2014, its loyalty scheme offered a free newspaper to shoppers who spent more than £10, raising objections from newsagents across the country who worried about how the free offer would impact their own sales.

For Oundle News, having Tesco in the Market Place has helped maintain footfall in the centre of town and the business has been able to continue to offer an essential service for the residents of Oundle and surrounding villages.

Mr Cant and co-owner Debbie Cant plan to remain in Oundle, but after years of beginning the work day at 4am, Mr Cant is looking forward to retirement.

“I plan to put a sledgehammer through the alarm clock, take more than four days off in a row, and see more of the world”.

Lily Hunter and Hannah Wakeford
May 2019