Playing Monopoly is a good investment

Having an edition of the Oundle Monopoly board might be more of a good investment than just a game, and owners may want to hang onto them. The boards have become collectable.

monopoly board

Ten years after their release, a board attracted 20 bids on eBay in September and sold for a hefty £86, having originally sold for £25. Anyone interested in the investment value of their board may have to keep it in its box, as collectors are always keen for items to remain in pristine condition.

The boards include various landmarks around Oundle town, with the most coveted properties, SciTec and Cobthorne, replacing Mayfair and Park Lane at 400 and 350 monopoly dollars respectively.

Looking at the board now, you can see how much Oundle has changed over the past decade, with longstanding shops such as Normans, Archies and Cottons having closed. Newer residents of the town will notice how much current properties have changed, such as the shopfronts to the Coffee Tavern and Eastern Spices.

The Oundle Monopoly boards were created by a group of Oundle School pupils and released for sale in May 2009. They were a huge success, with 1,150 pre-ordered boards and more sold in the Oundle market, to a total of 1,224. Orders even came from as far away as America, Malaysia, Hong Kong, St Lucia and Australia.

Managing director of Oundle Monopoly, Jacob Dillarstone, said at the time: “We hope that the final product effectively portrays Oundle as a town, and as a school community, and that for those people for whom Oundle was or is a home, the workplace, or school, it brings back fond memories.”

The pupils created the board as part of the Oundle School Charity Ventures scheme. They were able to donate over £13,000 to Volunteer Action, which aims to help elderly residents by organising drivers to take people to medical appointments, shopping trips or social events.

Another Oundle collectible was recently launched by Volunteer Action in May 2018 – a jigsaw puzzle of Oundle town. The puzzle costs £20 and is still available from Oundle Bookshop, Coleman’s Stationery and the Dolby Gallery.

Grace Maund
December 2018