Help save Fletton Field for the community

The Oundle Recreation and Greenspaces Group, a community group set up in 2016 to protect the town’s accessible greenspaces, has launched a community-wide crowdfunding bid to secure the future of Fletton Field. Chair of the group Christina Cork spoke at the Annual Town Meeting in April.
“We want to engage the whole town in securing the future for the field. We are running a fundraising campaign to purchase the field. It is beyond dispute that the town needs more amenity greenspaces, not less. Fletton Field is of critical importance to the town, in terms of its size, location and feel.

“Many local communities just like Oundle have raised funds to save their greenspaces, local pubs and community buildings, from Scottish crofting communities to villages in the rural English countryside.

“There is no reason why Oundle can’t also secure this last remaining area of freely accessible greenspace close to the centre of town, long term, for all of its residents,” she said.
There is a growing body of evidence that recognises the immense value of accessible greenspaces within towns for a community’s wider health and wellbeing, as recognised also by the county council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Oundle has a lack of accessible, public greenspace, with ten times less per person than Raunds, and five times less than Burton Latimer. Losing this field will reduce Oundle’s accessible greenspace still further by 40%.

The Greenspaces Group welcomes all offers of help to mobilise contributions to save Fletton Field. Visit for details: