Police Beat

From May to June there was an increase in crime. 47 incidents were recorded by the police, up from 33 in May.

25% of the criminal activity in June was related to violence and sexual abuse, followed by 11 cases of antisocial behaviour. Third in the list of most occurring crimes was criminal damage and arson with eight cases.

June saw a general rise in most crimes: there were three more burglaries than in May, and a case involving drugs near Herne Road. Also, vehicle crime spiked, with four cases, three more than in the previous month.

In the hours between the 2nd and the 3rd of June, on Duck Lane, criminals broke into a wooden garage and stole three bicycles. On the same day, there was a burglary at the Oundle Bowling Club. The security light was destroyed and the offenders gained entry through the first floor window and conducted an untidy search, but nothing was taken. During that period, a car was damaged by an unknown person on East Road. The car received a large dent on the driver’s door, preventing it from opening.

In the night between the 18th and 19th of July, there was a double burglary in the Oundle Market Place. In the first incident, the criminals broke the front window with a rock and accessed the cash till. At the Oundle Bookshop, they broke in by smashing a window and conducted an untidy search of the shop. Also on the 19th, a silver Honda Civic was stolen from Church Street.

From July to August there was a rise to 34 crimes with the biggest number being antisocial behaviour. There was a spike in shoplifting with 7 cases recorded in the neighbourhood close to Waitrose.

September saw an overall decrease in crimes from 34 to 29. The most common offense was antisocial behaviour, followed by 8 reported cases of burglary. Violence and sexual offences dropped from 6 to 4 and there was one robbery report.

On the 9th or 10th September, unknown persons broke into a shed on Bellamy Road and used tools to gain entry to the property from a UPVC window. A ladder was used to reach the alarm which was subsequently put into a bucket of water. The phone line was also cut. Various items were stolen.

During the night of the 10th of September, criminals forced their way in through the rear patio doors of a house on Glapthorn Road. Some items were stolen.

On the 11th of September offenders gained access to a house on Ray Close through glass bi-fold doors and stole some items. The neighbour witnessed the event and saw the criminals leave in a grey Audi. Unfortunately the license on the vehicle was false.

There was a burglary in Hillfield Road which took place during the week of the 13th of September. The owner came back from holiday and found the rear patio doors had been forced open with a spade. The criminals took jewellery and cash.

On the 25th of September, in Tansor, a brand new Volvo XC60 was stolen from the owner’s driveway and two burglaries took place in Laxton Drive.

A burglary was reported in Cricketers Way during the night of the 10th of October. Several items were stolen.

On the 15th of October a resident reported a card fraud device attached to the Natwest ATM, the report is currently unconfirmed.

There was a burglary in Stoke Doyle Road on the 19th of October between 16.00 and 21.37. Some items were stolen.

On Glapthorn road, a shed that had been left open was entered and some items were stolen from within.

There was an attempted burglary on the 24th of October on Glapthorn Road. The residents who were inside the house at 22.40, heard men discussing how to break into the home.

A white Peugeot van with no markings and a steering wheel on the left hand side has been linked to some of these rural

Giorgio Capuzzello
December 2017