Children’s Book Club at Oundle Library

book-owl1The Oundle Book Owl Club, run by the Oundle Library, provides a great opportunity to children who enjoy reading. Sarah Chase and Jennie Grove have been organising the activities together for the club for almost one year, and great success has been achieved.

The Oundle Book Owl Club is open to all young children aged between five and twelve. Its activity is on every Sunday from 11:30 to 12:30. The children read books chosen for two different age groups: 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 so that they all have the opportunity to read and discuss the books that best suit them.

The number of children at each session varies enormously. 8 -10 children is a fair average, however the bigger group can have 16 participants.

There are a variety of activities on offer in every session. Some are craft-based, such as collages, drawing book covers, writing ‘blurbs’ for favourite books, making masks and origami. Some activities are writing based, such as projects on fact-based books. Sometimes children are also divided into groups to discuss a particular book and exchange their ideas freely among themselves.

According to Ms Chase, ‘Last year we hosted the Harry Potter Book Night at the library, which saw 20 children dressing up, decorating biscuits, designing broomsticks, creating spells.’

Emily Wang
December 2016