Use Your Old Glasses to Help Others See

With eye prescriptions sometimes changing every few years, many spectacle weares often find their sock drawer crowded with disused spectacles, and wonder what to do with their old frames. While some hang onto their previous glasses as spares, others just throw them away.

Judith Day Opticians, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary in Oundle, have a much better solution.

They offer free glasses recycling in support of Vision Aid Overseas, a charity that strives to transform access to eye care in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zambia.

Judith Day sends Vision Aid Overseas the frames and lenses. They then strip them and recycle the component parts in an environmentally friendly way. The charity uses the funds that are generated to help set up walk-in vision clinics that can provide eye tests and supply glasses. They also help to equip outreach teams who can deliver quality eye care to isolated communities.

Eye care isn’t always the considered highest priority problem in developing countries, but 13 million children around the world need glasses, which are often needed for these children to get a good education.

In 2013, Vision Aid Overseas raised £196,000 through its spectacles recycling programme, and stopped 3.6 million pairs of spectacles going to landfill.

So not only has Judith Day been supplying glasses to our community in Oundle for 20 years, but they have also been helping support charities such as Vision Aid Overseas by recycling our old spectacles and helping to improve the quality of eye care in developing communities.

By Thomas Dudley