The Wharf Invests in Expansion and New Business

wharf developmentsFurther investment at the Oundle Wharf is underway, offering new retail opportunities in Oundle, and creating an exciting destination for residents and visitors alike.

The new development will add a massive 10,000 square feet, with office space on the first floor and four separate retail units below, in addition to space for expansion by Gorilla Cycle and the Nene Valley Brewery.

The build should be completed by the end of January and be ready for occupation by March.

Dick Simpson said: ‘Space at the brewery is completely full up. Demand has been increasing by 50% per year, and we have no more cold storage available. We desperately need more space.’

The brewery will relocate its tank room to the new space, which will then create further capacity for cold storage and hop storage. ‘We’ll be able to double our production capacity,’ Simpson said.

With the remaining units, Simpson hopes to develop a food and drink destination with a variety of specialty shops that individually provide the staples and luxuries within the food market.

Many residents will be pleased to hear that Hambleton Bakery plans to return to Oundle in one of the new units at the Wharf. Tim Hart, the Hambleton Bakery owner, has been encouraged to return to Oundle by the easy access at the new development, the availability of parking and potential for greater footfall.

The site is steadily proving to be a hub for entertainment, outdoor activities, food and leisure in Oundle. The Wharf has hosted pop-up markets and partnered with the Oundle International Festival to provide the venue for a number of major music events.

The developments at the Wharf are the single largest investment made by an independent business in Oundle.

By Sophie Street