Cinema Partners with Music Trust

Established in 2005, the Oundle Cinema is restructuring its administration in order to ensure its continued operation. The administration of the organisation will be taken over by the Oundle Music Trust. This change was primarily motivated by a desire to sustain the cinema’s essential role in the cultural life of Oundle, after founding members, Chris and Alison Gill, who were crucial in the set up and organisation of the cinema, moved to London earlier in the year.

Because many of the volunteers who help to run the cinema are also involved in other voluntary organisations in Oundle, it was felt that for practical reasons, the trust would be a suitable body to take over the cinema.

The change will not have a significant impact upon the overall operation of the cinema. This was the main attraction to handing over the administration to the Music Trust. They have assured members that ‘the cinema will remain in volunteers’ hands’.

The cinema will retain its local and independent feel, which has made it such a valuable part of the community. Prices will remain lower than at commercial venues, ensuring that the cinema continues to provide a very enjoyable experience for all.

The cinema programmers hope to put on more event cinema screenings, such as shows from national theatrical and musical productions.

The future of the cinema is ultimately reliant upon the work of its volunteers, who have pledged to maintain their dedicated contribution to the running of the cinema.

But of course, the enterprise needs audience members as well. The spring season programme promises a selection of new and popular films for all interests and tastes.

Thomas Lambton