South Bridge Repairs in Progress

Following the damage caused to South Bridge in 2011, residents in Oundle are still waiting for repairs to be completed, allowing full unimpeded access to the bridge.

The bridge is a scheduled ancient monument, and requires specialist repair work in order to comply with its protected status.

Anglia Water is now estimating that their work on the bridge will be completed by April 2016. They need to remove a mains water pipe from the bridge and redirect the supply under the river.

A spokesperson said that once investigations are complete, the scheduled work will commence on February 9th, and will take four weeks to complete. The pipe will then need to be commissioned and tested for water quality.

‘We will get the work done as quickly as possible, however we need to ensure health and safety for our staff is upheld and quality of supply for our customers.’

Once Anglia Water’s work to divert the water supply has been finished, Northamptonshire Highways will be able to carry out the strengthening works to enable the bridge to be reopened.